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Automatic calculation of the size of a trombone mouthpiece

♬ Автоматический расчет размеров мундштука тромбона

And Trombone Mouthpiece

"Without exaggeration, we can say that is good," lips "mouthpiece - this is 50% of success" G.Orvid

1. What are the criteria chooses trombone mouthpiece?

In methodological literature are general recommendations:

- Pay attention to the physiological features of the artist, its shape and structure of the lips, teeth and jaw;

- The use of trombonist in the symphony or dance band;

- Comfortable location of the Trombone Mouthpiece on the lips;

- The value of a profile and the field of the Trombone Mouthpiece;

- The depth of the cup Trombone Mouthpiece;

- Attention to the estuary and the size of the hole;

- Shape of the hole in the Trombone Mouthpiece channel legs.

With some exceptions, the musicians did not have the opportunity to try all the models of the die manufacturers. And so at first for convenience, and then picking to determine for themselves the best option. Everyone is familiar with the practice, when taking trombonists in the mouthpiece and colleagues try. Then directories bought the necessary model. In the end, a trombonist in his entire musical life can accumulate a significant amount of mouthpiece for trombone. Of course, such a situation for the producers of wind instruments is very beneficial. Given that the number of the world's limited trombone and mouthpieces unlike trombones can exist virtually forever.

Trombone Mouthpiece


2. The main criterion for selecting the size of the mouthpiece tenor trombone

The main and decisive selection criterion is the physiological structure of the mouthpiece performer person. Based on the natural data and model range of manufacturers can derive some empirical formula for selecting a mouthpiece for themselves. From the data we can already make a start (starting point) to find a suitable model from the manufacturer. In this case, a decisive role is played by the proximity of the size calculated with the available (models) from the manufacturer. It should be noted, ideally, each die must be unique. Nor any voice can not be a standard number, because the likelihood that the same physiological features trombonist, with some accuracy, minimal, I would say - are insignificant.

Of course, the sound production skills is very important. And a good trombone on any mouthpiece may issue "on the mountain". But convenient mouthpiece will reveal all the possibilities performer with minimal physical effort.

3. Automatic calculation of the size of the mouthpiece for tenor trombone

3.1 Method of measurement of the size of the Executive lips

To measure the size of the lips offers a simple method.

Tools and materials:

-shtangentsirkul 125mm;

-soft cardboard, a density of from 300 g / m (can be a shoe) size 200x70 mm;

-gubnaya lipstick, contrast.

The measurement process. Starting position sponge closeness relaxed state.

It should be on the edge of the lips cause the lipstick with a thick layer, the end edge of the lips lipstick. Promaknut lips, with little effort, cardboard from left to right (as if promakivaya). Measure the height of the caliper lip print and record the measurement result in a corresponding white cell. Then hold the same process, but with great effort and the result is written in the cell b EXCEL, file. The result of calculation in the respective cells green. Calculation presented in EXCEL, so only enter two values in the white cells.

Измерение губ

3.2 An alternative method of measuring the size of the Executive lips

If predshestvuyushy measurement method confusing, you can use less precise method of measurement.

Tools: - range 150 mm. The measurement process is simple. Before the mirror to measure the height of the lips and bring to a white cell. Then, with a little effort to press his lips to the line and take readings, which put in the white cell b. Do not forget to press «enter» after entering.

Измерение губ

3.3 Automatic calculation

Open and save to desktop Размер_мундштука.xlsx

Open the file and enter the measured data of the lips.

Do not forget to enter the two values of the lips and press «enter». I hope this account will help to avoid mistakes when ordering brass Trombone Mouthpiece "blind".



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